Tried and tested Specially Formulated Filaments.
Ultra thin allowing ease of access to hard to reach detail work.
Great load and lay off capabilities.
Long reach slender beech wood finished handle.
Stainless steel ferrule.
At home in both oil and water based products


Size (inches) Size (mm)  
3/4" 19mm Buy Here
1" 25mm Buy Here
1.5" 34mm Buy Here


Martin Guest ★★★★★: A fantastic addition to the FOX range of brushes; this thin section brush has been developed with versatility in mind - it has a long reach with it's slender beech wood handle, allowing great material holding in hard to reach areas - it's ultra thin section enables even the finest recess to be accessible... But, unlike a Fitch detail brush, it also allows you to load and layoff to a finish. As a Hand Painted Kitchen Specialist, I find these FOX Ultra Slim brushes invaluable in my work. They are fantastic on molding detail (in the smaller sizes) and equally perfect for loading paint on Kitchen doors (in the larger sizes). I'd say that the Ultra Slim is currently my brush of choice - I've used them on fine Georgian windows in oils, equally on MDF cabinetry as my general use brush in waterborne paints... Often, I find that I need a narrower, lighter brush, but don't want to have several brushes out, all going off, awaiting to be used - the Ultra Slim is a great cross-over brush; it works as a light general usage brush, detail brush, laying off brush and long reach brush,... all-in-one!