The Fox Rounded Sash Brushes are designed to hold a lot of paint without compromising its functionality.

Due to the fine britsles, the sash leaves a great finish with minimal brush marks.

Strong Stainless Steel Ferrule

Rounded Wooden Handle

Size  Diameter Size (Milimetres)  
4 6mm Buy Here
6 9mm Buy Here
8 12mm Buy Here
10 15mm Buy Here
12 19mm Buy Here
14 23mm Buy Here
16 28mm Buy Here
18 32mm Buy Here
20 34mm Buy Here
22 36mm Buy Here
24 40mm Buy Here


Tony Pearson-Young ★★★★★ "I love this brush (size 12) !!! I've been using it on kitchen door mouldings and it did the job brilliantly. They hold lots of paints and can move it around well. as they bristles are fine they minimise brush marks. In fact I liked them so much, I bought the whole range. A truly wonderful brush that punches way over and above!"

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