The Fox allows traditional styling for today's paints

A familiar quality beechwood kaiser handle is matched with a strong stainless steel ferrule. The specially formulated (SB) poly/nylon filaments have been specifically developed for today's paint formulations and the thick stock holds lots of paint. Bevelled filaments allow for accurate cutting in even with a straight cut!

Also avaliable in a 'Fox Cub' Stubby handle brush


   Size (Inches) Size (Millimetres)  
1" 25mm Buy Here
1.5" 34mm Buy Here
2" 50mm Buy Here
2.5" 65mm Buy Here
3" 75mm Buy Here
4" 100mm Buy Here
2" 'cub' stubby 50mm Buy Here


Kris Brown  ★★★★★  "The FOX is an awesome brush at a very competitive price.Holds a surprisingly large amount of paint for such a short bristle length but makes up for it in spreading rate and accuracy.Fantastic brushes.Brush bundles are an affordable way of trialing these fiery redheads.Give them a go."

Emma Brown ★★★★★ "I was immediately struck by the softness of the Fox bristles and yet how they held together when dampened. It also holds a good amount of paint. All of this combines into a fantastic product, with excellent flow and accuracy. Would definitely recommend this great value, all rounder brush."

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