Fox Mini Velvet Roller Sleeves 4"

High density foam core | Quality British velvet flock |Excellent coverage and paint pick up

Suitable for water based and traditional paints

Diameter: 3.5 cm Width: 11cm


- 4 Pack

-10 Pack

Ben Sturgess-  "I used 'The Fox' roller sleeves to lay off Osmo Polyx Oil on an engineered Oak floor. I washed the rollers first to get rid of any stray fibres, and was left with excellent results. It spread and levelled the oil really well, leaving an even finish. Have yet to try it on a waterbased paint, but anticipate similar results."

Lee Simone- ★★★★★  "I really was that impressed - I was using oil based paints and they held a great amount of paint and spread it out extremely evenly. They do in fact put such a good amount of paint on that they work a treat on hand painted kitchens in conjunction with standard mini foam rollers. Give them a bit of a wash the night before and they don't shed any fibers, One will last a full day when using oils and am sure with water borne paints too." 

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