The Fox Laying-off brush range uses soft synthetic filaments that give an extreme smooth & even finish giving a fantastic end result.

The specially formulated (SB) poly/nylon filaments have been developed specifically for today's paint formulations.

Size (Inches) Size (Milimetres)  
1.5" 34mm Buy Here
2" 50mm Buy Here
3" 75mm Buy Here 
4" 100mm Buy Here


Martin Guest ★★★★★ "The castellation filament configuration means that the brush delivers the lightest of “kisses” to the paint surface, whilst still retaining a good working surface area; knocking out orange peel and brush marks. The way I like to use the brush is to keep it dry and clean – as with all laying off brushes, if they start to pick up material (paint) they are less efficient; so a quick wipe after each pass keeps the brush working to it’s optimum… so, after painting your surface with brush or roller, simply very lightly run the FOX laying- off brush across the paint surface in a continuous motion – repeat if necessary, to reveal a beautifully even paint surface."

Dan Baker ★★★★★- "Large, flat, smooth areas...? They used to fill me with dread when working with acrylic gloss. Even with additives like XIM, there was always brush marks, or the odd drag mark in the corner. Applied with a Fox 2" Straight Cut, working top rail, then laid off and panel by panel, laying off as i went.  Overall - This is what you need for Window sills or any flat area, and seriously - fear the panelling no more - The Fox Laying off brush is here."

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