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          The New Fox Brush was developed by Traditional Painters. The British made brush is a blend of fine poly and nylon filaments with a full chiseled taper cut and some of the finest tipping ever witnessed on a synthetic brush. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the 2.5″ Fox brush and I can say with certainty the brush is not only capable of laying down nice solid cuts, but it can do it in record breaking time, accurately. The Fox blew away our previous benchmarks recorded with the Picasso on long straight runs.

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          Fox paint brushes are a distinctive range of brushes on the market that are definitely making a few waves with both pros and DIY enthusiasts alike. Paint brushes are certainly an area of the DIY and home improvement market place that seems to continue growing, and keeping up with developments can be a time consuming occupation. Therefore when the nice people at Fox brushes asked me to take a little look at their range – how could I refuse! And my guide below should help you make up your mind on any potential purchase.
The Fox range is indeed extensive, and growing, and as you can see from the amount of brushes in the box I was sent, there is indeed a brush for pretty much every imaginable occasion.
All brushes have synthetic bristles, making them ideal for use with water-based paints, but as is the way with most modern synthetic bristled brushes, they are also designed for use with oil-based paints.
Personally, my main point of focus with a paint brush range is always aimed at how the standard, straight-cut brushes perform. Yes, it’s nice to have sash brushes, laying-off brushes, all different sizes etc. etc. but you really don’t ‘need’ them. I write more about this point in my ‘Buying paint brushes’ guide – 95% of the time, you only ‘need’ three brush type/sizes for DIY, so with this point in mind, this guide is mainly concerned with how the standard Fox straight-cut paint brush performs.
On initial inspection, the straight-cut brushes are of a very traditional design, with a nice wooden handle, steel ferrule, and the distinctive orange bristles are shaped beautifully – so A1 for appearance. My first run-out with Fox paint brushes was to use a 2 inch (50 mm) brush for applying emulsion, and I would say that it passed the test with flying colours. In other words, you could hold plenty of paint with each brush load, you could cut-in an accurate straight line, and you could achieve a good flat finish with no brush marks.
I also opted for trying the 1.5 inch (38 mm) brush with water-based gloss and I was able to achieve very crisp, sharp lines, when cutting-in, but what was most impressive was the beautiful flat finish I managed on doors and window sills.
So what can I/we conclude?……I’m a brilliant painter with any brush!……mmm maybe not…….All brushes are the same!……errrr definitely not (note I didn’t use any real ‘cheapos’ in the test!)……..Or maybe it’s simply the case that the Fox fits well into the range of comparative brush designs on the market.
The Foxy conclusion
The Fox is a good ‘solid’ brush, and a great go-to brush for your brush box. It feels good in the hand, it provides a good finish, it cleans out well, it doesn’t shed bristles all over the place, and after a month or so of testing, it hasn’t fallen to pieces.
I think it compares well in performance with most other good quality synthetic bristled brushes. 
As mentioned earlier, I’m not one for having every size of brush – as pictured above, there are three sizes that I go for with paint brushes and those would be the Foxes I would recommend.
It’s also worth mentioning that Fox paint brushes are British made, so it’s nice to support something from ‘home’ for a change.
Whether you’re a pro or DIYer, buying some Foxes for your brush box is definitely a worthwhile investment – to check out the deals available, go to Mypaintbrush to view the whole range! Also, do pay a visit to my friends at Traditional Painter for a few more views on the Fox.

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          Following my last blog about the evolution of water based paint products it feels the right time to talk about brushes. It seems that right now the market is flooded with brushes that are designed to apply these new products to achieve high standard finishes. They all have their own blend of synthetic filaments and styles of bristle but one which really stands out and seems to be taking the market by storm is The Fox. Available from mypaintbrush.co.uk for very a reasonable price and developed in Britain by British Master painter Martin Guest there really is a lot going for it. It has a kaiser handle which delivers comfort and balance and a relatively short yet surprisingly soft bristle. It holds an impressive amount of paint for it’s size yet flows from the bristles smoothly and delivers a flat, mark-free finish in a variety of water based finishes. I’m yet to use one in oil based paint but if other people’s reviews are to be believed, it works just as well in oil as it does in water. A quality British product to be proud of.

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