The Fox Original Straight Cut Paint Brush

Kris Brown  ★★★★★  "The FOX is an awesome brush at a very competitive price.Holds a surprisingly large amount of paint for such a short bristle length but makes up for it in spreading rate and accuracy.Fantastic brushes.Brush bundles are an affordable way of trialing these fiery redheads.Give them a go."

Emma Brown ★★★★★ "I was immediately struck by the softness of the Fox bristles and yet how they held together when dampened. It also holds a good amount of paint. All of this combines into a fantastic product, with excellent flow and accuracy. Would definitely recommend this great value, all rounder brush."

Mal Fury ★★★★★ What a amazing brush,the FOX is ,the uptake of paint seems to be far more than other well know makes.and almost makes painting effortless if im allowed to say that..sorry to my fellow proffessionals. There is obviously much thought gone into the design of this baby,everyone involved with its development should take a bow. Big thanks also for mypaintbrush for quality of sevice."

Robbie Dodds ★★★★★" Just used this brush today for the first time.Ive been using Dulux ecosure undercoat and couldn't believe how much paint this held.It s a long time since I've used a standerd handle paint brush as iam getting used to the longer handled brushes.The brush makes cutting in easy and nice straight lines are produced.So for an all round brush i would recommend every body try these and you wont be disappointed with your purchase or the price"

Ron Taylor ★★★★★This is an excellent brush. Orange popular type bristle in a familiar kaiser style handle. The length of bristle and fill is just right for acrylic paints and the unvarnished handle fits comfortably in the hand. Applies paint easily and smoothly. Cleans up well."

Richard Willmot ★★★★★ " Now I have been a 'one brush man' for the last 20 years, I've tried numerous different brushes but ultimately reverted back to my trusted brushes. So when I heard about the all new, British made,synthetic bristle FOX, I thought I will give them ago. Without being biased these brushes are fantastic ! I started off with the 1.5" brush in water based acrylic on a hand painted kitchen, both the 2" and 3" have been used in emulsions and on the other end of the scale a 2" brush recently in shellac based primer, each brush has performed impeccably.Everybody needs to get "FOXY" "

Craig Brooks ★★★★ " Great brushes, wasn't sure at first, but quickly became my go to brushes. Have bought more and will continue to do so. Used in oil and water finishes."

The Fox Sash Tools

Tony Pearson-Young ★★★★★ "I love this brush (size 12) !!! I've been using it on kitchen door mouldings and it did the job brilliantly. They hold lots of paints and can move it around well. as they bristles are fine they minimise brush marks. In fact I liked them so much, I bought the whole range. A truly wonderful brush that punches way over and above!"

Tracey ★★★★★"Love my Fox sash brush! Nice, lightweight and easy to clean. Quality finish and british made"

Russ Pike ★★★★★"I've been using this brush (size 14) the past few weeks on a hand painted kitchen project. I was using it in a specialist water based furniture paint to paint the frames and a set of old pine spindle backed chairs, I can honestly say these sash brushes are superb for applying this type of water based paint, they hold an amazing amount of paint, lay off really well and are very easy to clean out. These brushes are an amazing price for what you get: Quality through and through!"

The Fox™ Laying Off 

Martin Guest ★★★★★ "The castellation filament configuration means that the brush delivers the lightest of “kisses” to the paint surface, whilst still retaining a good working surface area; knocking out orange peel and brush marks. The way I like to use the brush is to keep it dry and clean – as with all laying off brushes, if they start to pick up material (paint) they are less efficient; so a quick wipe after each pass keeps the brush working to it’s optimum… so, after painting your surface with brush or roller, simply very lightly run the FOX laying- off brush across the paint surface in a continuous motion – repeat if necessary, to reveal a beautifully even paint surface."

Dan Baker ★★★★★ "Large, flat, smooth areas...? They used to fill me with dread when working with acrylic gloss. Even with additives like XIM, there was always brush marks, or the odd drag mark in the corner. Applied with a Fox 2" Straight Cut, working top rail, then laid off and panel by panel, laying off as i went.  Overall - This is what you need for Window sills or any flat area, and seriously - fear the panelling no more - The Fox Laying off brush is here."