Andy Crichton, founder of Traditional Painter-

"Since 2010 legislation forced manufacturers’ hands, UK paint has become modern and increasingly water based, and brush makers have been under pressure to produce the best brushes, so painters can achieve flawless finishes.

We have relied forever on US manufacturers for best brushes for water based paint, (Americans have worked for 40-50 years with “modern” paint) and there has not been a whisper of a decent UK made brush for modern paint. Persisting with natural bristle brushes and average synthetic brushes has held back uptake of water-based paints by the UK trade, for sure.

Against this background, the British made Fox paint brush, straight out the box, was proclaimed one of the best brushes ever used by US brush tester Jack Pauhl!

The design and build was carried out in the Midlands in collaboration with Martin Guest, Traditional painter in the W Midlands and MyPaintbrush Decorating Supplies and after just a year of judicious input and trialling within a very small group, the first Fox brush was released. The brush makers are a breed apart, the construction and design under the metal ferrule, the bristle choice, the shape, the length of bristles, the robust quality control…   it really is an outstanding achievement.

Trade and DIY can expect a brush that holds a lot of paint but doesn’t flick it all over the place.

The brush holds its shape to produce sharp straight lines.

Most importantly, you can use a Fox successfully in water based paint for woodwork, emulsion, oil paint and even shellac, chalk paint and milk paint.

Just find the format you like (handles and size) and I would say you are almost guaranteed an 8/10 result straight away - quick, straight and smooth. With practice, the standard of finish will be as good as that achieved with the very finest finish brushes on the market. The sash brushes have surprised even Corona Cody users, and more models are on the way to meet demand for a variety of formats.

All made in the UK, and developed by Traditional Painter and used by the group of expert kitchen painters and decorators on a daily basis and being used nationwide by a growing number of professionals and DIY, most are surprised I think, at just how good this relatively cheap orange brush is.

Paint brushes are a personal thing, to a degree, but experts should be able to make the Fox brush sing and amateurs will sing when they see what you can do with a great brush. We are very chuffed to be an intrinsic part of  the history of this fine British brush."