British Made

Something that sets the Fox brush range apart is it's production. That is why we are very pleased for the brush range to be manufactured in Britain (Birmingham in fact!) 

There are many brushes that come from all over the world that lack the true British way of brush manufacturing hence why the Fox will always be British Made.

A little bit about the manufacturers

The factory in Birmingham, West Midlands, prides themselves on quality work every time. After sourcing materials, they set to work on making all the different types of Fox brushes and ensuring each and every one is up to the high standard that Fox customers expect. 

It is also key to note that the Fox is hand made (picture: right). All of the individual components are put together by hand adding that extra touch of brand indivuality.

Ofcourse, the manufacturers have their own special way of doing things, however what they do reveal is there passion for brushes. With a combined 300 years experience,  these brush makers don't mess around when it comes to their trade. Originally a Father and son business, the manufacturers began life aiming to supply products all over the world without compromising their vision for quality decorating and bristle brushes that are completely British Made. 

Quality Assurance

The Fox being a consistent quality brand is at the forefront of our thinking. A lot of processes are put in place to ensure that every individual fox that goes out of our doors are ready to go without any defects. .

 Pictured here (left) is the flirting machine. This machine is vital to the quality assurance of the Fox. Each brush gets put through this machine atleast three times. The purpose of the flirting machine is to get rid of any loose bristles that may have come out during production, that way as soon as you open the packet the brush is ready to be dipped in paint.