About The Fox™

The entire Fox range was created with the professional painter at the forefront of development.
Matching traditional styling with modern technology, the brush range in particular helps make decorators lives easier.

The filament itself has been specially formulated for the day to day tasks of today's modern paint formulations and is VOC 2010 proof.

The Fox has great features such as great paint pick up, sharp cutting in & traditional Kaiser handle.
After vigorous testing, the brush is naturally at home in water based paints due to it's synthetic nature however has proven that it can exceed many expectations in oil based paints.......


Developed and used by Traditional Painters

All made in the UK, and developed by Traditional Painter and used by the group of expert kitchen painters and decorators on a daily basis and being used nationwide by a growing number of professionals and DIY, most are surprised I think, at just how good this relatively cheap orange brush is.

Paint brushes are a personal thing, to a degree, but experts should be able to make the Fox brush sing and amateurs will sing when they see what you can do with a great brush. We are very chuffed to be an intrinsic part of  the history of this fine British brush....